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Nothing quite compares to cuddling your newborn baby – such a miracle – or receiving the sweet, wet kisses of a toddling two-year-old. But Mothering young children, day in and day out, can be overwhelming. And that’s only the beginning. Mothers carry their children in their hearts the rest of their lives. And life can get serious. Once in a while a mom needs some comic relief. Laughter is good medicine!

So I want to share with you a little video of my friend Loretta Oakes and her speaking partner, Robbie Iobst, sharing songs for mommies at their MOPS* presentation. Loretta says, “If you’re a mom, you’ll get it!” You can watch the Youtube video here:

Watch Mommy Nursery Rhyme Video

Keep a sense of humor, Moms!

~ Catherine Lawton

*Moms of Preschoolers