“These women are survivors. Not hardened, worn out warriors, but courageous and lovely guides who persisted in their pain to find a better way. I found my story in the midst of theirs, and you will too, as well as hope for healing. They teach us to take our pain to the right person, the great Healer who understands the mysteries of our hearts.”
~ Donna Bassett
pastor’s wife and nurse, Santa Rosa, California

“A mother’s love, for a myriad of reasons, so often feels elusive. This compilation of stories will touch every woman’s heart, giving insight, inspiration and perhaps, begin a time of healing for those wounded in the most mysterious of relationships … that between a daughter and her mother.”
~ Tami Rudkin,
pastor and columnist, Casper, Wyoming

Journeys to Mother Love is filled with authenticity about the ways of God’s mercy and caring. I am grateful to the women who shared their pain and brokenness to reveal how God heals. He weaves a tapestry of such incredible beauty; even the dark threads in life become part of the glory.”
~ Jeani Bockelman
founder/director of Our Father’s Porch, Salem, Oregon

“The emotional distance between a mother and daughter can be painful and prolonged. The heart-wrenching stories in Journeys to Mother Love reveal how God can bridge this chasm with healing and love. If you’ve ever stood in the greeting card aisle for longer than five minutes trying to find a card that expresses the relationship you have with your mother, this book is for you. Be encouraged by these true stories of faith and healing.”
~ Nancy Parker Brummett
author of many books for women, http://www.nancyparkerbrummett.com

“What if your mother really did love your brother best? What if she gave away things to others that she promised to you? What if she suffered from mental illness that affected your childhood? What if she’s a hoarder? What if it turns out that she’s not your real mother, but you learned that fact from a neighbor? Or what if you were the one who made the mistake you couldn’t forgive yourself for? What do you do then? You do what the women in these stories did. With God’s help, they forgave their mothers and themselves, and went on to live a victorious life!”
~ Donna Clark Goodrich
author and speaker, http://www.thewritersfriend.net

“How interesting to find the story of my life so closely connected with each of these women, who have known great sorrow and great joy. Every woman’s life, when touched by God, can be redeemed, restored, and renewed by his love. I recently saw a beautiful greeting card that read, ‘There is more to your life than you ever thought. There is more to your story than you have read’ (Max Lucado). Like these brave women who have shared their stories in Journeys to Mother Love, ours too are being written. I know you will be encouraged and perhaps, like me, find parts of your story in theirs.”
~ Sharon A. Kegerreis
reader, Windsor, Colorado

“From murder to manipulation, Alzheimer’s to abandonment, through barrenness and bewilderment, this crisply-written compilation of stories is arresting and unflinchingly honest. This is not a how to book, but a journal of hurting and healing hearts. Hearts that enter logs of long expeditions to find, forgive, and set mothers free. You will find elements of your own journey in all of them; you will want to join the company of these courageous women who are now traveling with less of a limp and more of a leap—the leap of lives overflowing with hope, and forever safe in the love of a faithful God.”
~ Alice Scott-Ferguson
speaker, author (Mothers Can’t Be Everywhere, But God Is)

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