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Mother Love
Mother Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A dear friend read my story in Journeys to Mother Love and texted me that she was still wiping away tears as her fingers wrote the text. She shared that we had much in common, both of us knowing what she meant although she never mentioned the word “abortion.” She went on to share that she was unsure about her faith but felt inspired by my story and knew God had brought us together for a reason. I was able to remind her that God was working in her life simply and wonderfully because of his LOVE for her.


When I shared the text with my husband, he said, “Well there you go. If nothing else happens, you have impacted the life of another human being in a positive way.”


She found the courage to be honest with me about her journey because I was honest about mine. My husband’s comment resonated with me. While my hope is that my story might touch thousands, that it touched one is no less significant. If we believe that we are all connected, the seven degrees of separation idea, then by touching one, I have impacted many more. If one person is encouraged to trust God more, to seek healing, or to finally be honest with herself, then imagine the impact of that decision on those in her life – her husband, children, family, co-workers, etc. We are wise to remember that changing even one life for the better is nothing short of a miracle. That God allows us this privilege is truly a blessing.


~ Kyleen Stevenson-Braxton